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There is no joining fee, there is an annual service charge of £5.00 and we offer free life insurance on all accounts (subject to conditions). 

We have served over 3000 members 1500 of which have deposits with us.
We have approximately £400K in members savings and £300K out on loan.

The Credit Union is committed to combatting financial exclusion and financial exploitation. We want to draw people away from high interest high street and doorstep lenders who exploit the vulnerability of the financially excluded drawing them into a cycle of debt.

We are a business and want to attract members from all walks of life. Those who can deposit savings and take loans are equally important to our well-being and indeed the profit generated from these members help support our work with those members who are less fortunate or fall on hard times.

We are committed to thrift, education and equality. We want and will make a vast difference to your life.

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